A Time Forgotten - Sample Tracks

01. The Lost Overture
02. First Love
03. Lacrymosa Aeterna
04. Reunited
05. Lonely Waltz
06. A Time Forgotten
07. Secret Wedding
08. Master of Evil
09. Mortis
10. The Hidden Key
11. Endgame
12. Death Reborn

About "A Time Forgotten"

Alluring and haunting vocalist Destini Beard and gothic horror soundtrack musicians Midnight Syndicate have joined together for their second release titled, A TIME FORGOTTEN. The new disc takes you back to the early 1900’s, where a once thriving hotel suffers a tragic fire, and has been lost in time. The album tells the tale of the guests’ untimely demise, and how they are held captive by an evil presence, which controls their very souls. The album tells of a young woman from the present being called from the spirit world to travel to the once elegant Victorian hotel, and reunite with her departed true love. What comes next in “A Time Forgotten” takes a chilling turn into the unknown.

The albums musical composition, combined with the vocal arrangements of Destini Beard, takes the listener visually back in time, and is reminiscent of many classic horror movies and tales. At the same time, the album has a highly sophisticated musical blend of vocals and orchestration on par with the best of today’s film scores. The album presents a perfect balance of soft ballads and fast paced and suspenseful songs.

The disc features fourteen tracks in total, including twelve of Midnight Syndicate’s songs created over the past fourteen years, reborn with the elaborate and storytelling lyrics and vocal arrangements of Destini Beard. In addition, the disc features a new dance remix from the first collaborative album “The Dark Masquerade”, by Pat Berdysz.

The final special offering on this album, is the debut presentation of an original piece composed and performed by Destini Beard. The album also features an eight panel fold out, with all of the lyrics for the listener to read along with and fully immerse themselves into the storyline. The cover art has been created by fantasy illustrator Ed Beard Jr, and captures the essence of the lead character and the mysterious Victorian hotel.


"A Time Forgotten"
Full Length Album on CD
$12.00 USD

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